Apple users can no longer access Fortnite

Apple users can no longer access Fortnite
Apple users can no longer access Fortnite

The Fortnite fans who use Apple devices can no longer access the latest updates of the game. Yesterday (Wednesday) Epic Games criticized the monopoly of the App Store in the Apple gadgets. The team of Fortnite further stated that Epic Games will not abolish the direct payment method. Well, recently, the makers of Fortnite enabled a direct payment procedure within the gaming application. Apple strongly opposed it and subsequently eliminated the application from its App Store. Keeping it in view, Epic Games lodged a complaint against the tech giant and also asked the fans to stand against it. However, now, the developing team is not willing to remove its recently launched feature that started the battle.

The purpose of including the direct payment method

Earlier this month, Epic rolled out a new procedure of in-game purchase for its worldwide popular game Fortnite. With it, the gamers can make their payments directly without the need of using the in-app purchase method of Apple. The tech giant’s payment system charges the additional commissions worth of 30%.

Because of this reason, Apple abolished the application from its App Store. Moreover, it threatened Epic to fire a united account, which can block the circulation of the Unreal Engine.

Further details on the news piece

Back on Monday, the judge of the US District Court Yvonne Gonzale Rogers halted Apple from terminating the Unreal Engines. However, it permitted the tech giant to eradicate Fortnite from its App Store. However, Apple claimed that if Epic Games accepted their request to remove the direct payment feature, it could be added back in the App Store.

The Judge claimed that Epic will not meet any “irreparable harm” if it chooses to abolish the newly added feature. In fact, on Tuesday Apple paid consent to the statement of the Judge and stated that they agree to enlist Fortnite again if it meets Apple’s criteria.

Accounts of Epic

Yesterday, in a blog, Epic has stated that it does not accept the payment rules of Apple. Hence, it will not resubmit the gaming app to the tech giant by removing the direct payment feature. It concluded noting that Epic Games will not participate in the scheme as it is out of their principle.

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