Facebook grouses against Apple’s iOS 14 software update

Facebook complaint against iOS 14 software update
Facebook complaint against iOS 14 software update

It seems like Facebook is having some issues with the tech giant Apple. Well, to say more specifically, Facebook is annoyed with the iOS 14 software update of Apple. According to the sources, Apple will start rolling out the update to the global users in a few months. The report suggests that the latest version of the operating systems in Apple devices has a particular feature that could potentially harm Facebook’s business model. As per the sources, with the latest software, Apple might permit the users a unique identifier. It says that the users would get the choice to select whether the apps can track them. The below sections of the article will discuss the matter in details, so keep on reading.

Apple’s announcement

Apple has made an announcement regarding its iOS 14 at the annual developer conference. The company declared that the users will receive a pop-up. It will ask for their permission before letting any application to track them. As the update will offer the users to opt for the “no” option, it will reduce the data amount that Facebook can collect. It will undoubtedly preserve the privacy of the users. But it has the possibility to decrease the efficiency of advertising campaigns through the Audience Network. The reason behind it is that it will decrease the ascription that aids in identifying the success of an ad.

Facebook’s complaint

In a blog, the social networking platform Facebook addressed the new feature of iOS 14 and showed annoyance. It stated that due to this initiative, Facebook could no longer provide targeted ads on the operating system. Moreover, Facebook revealed that because of this, a few iOS users will not be able to get any advertisements via Audience Network. The platform further put a warning that this feature will reduce the revenue for the publishers and app developers.

Is Apple’s move significant?

 As per the statistical study, iOS occupies only 25% of the mobile market globally. Hence, even if there is any change in the advertisement policy on iOS, it is less likely to impact negatively on the universal developer business. Many experts are praising Apple for taking such a move as it is allowing the users to control over the ads.

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