Odisha Unlock-4: No night curfew and weekend shutdown

Odisha unlock 4 guidelines
Odisha unlock 4 guidelines

From today onwards, the dwellers of Odisha have to follow the new guidelines of Unlock-4 issued by the state government. According to the authority, there will be no shutdowns during the weekend in the state. Moreover, the new guidelines also mentioned that there will be no curfew in the night. According to the sources, the state has to follow it for the entire month of September. Read ahead to know about the Unlock-4 guidelines in detail. 


Ceased activities 

The governing bodies of the state ordered to cease some of the religious establishments till the 30th of September. Moreover, it also revealed unless MHA provides any permission, international air travel will not take place. In addition, the commercial centres such as swimming pools, cinema halls, assembly halls and other similar establishments will remain closed. But, the open air-theatre got the approval of re-opening from the 21st of September. Furthermore, all the educational institutions will not open until the month of October. However, examinations, administrative activities are allowed. 

Moreover, the Higher Educational Department is likely to allow 50% of teaching and non-teaching staff to appear at school for providing online coaching. This initiative will start on the 21st of September. 

Permitted activities 

The government of Odisha has held no restriction on the movement of people, private vehicles within the state. In fact, the individuals do not need to seek any permission for this. The Home Ministry has issued the revised guidelines of the restrictions and relaxations in certain places. The authority further might permit to re-open more establishments outside the containment zones. On the other hand, the government could also extend the period of lockdown in the containment zones up to the 30th of September. 

Lockdown guidelines in the containment zones

As per the local authorities, only essential activities will take place in the containment zones. Moreover, the officials will hold a strict perimeter for controlling the movement of the mass. The residents of these locations can step out of their zones only for medical emergencies. Further, the authority has advised pregnant women, children under 10 years, people above 65 and individuals with co-morbidities to stay indoors till Sept 30.

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