Opposition parties in Odisha demands reduction of power tariff charge

The opposition party in Odisha asked to reduce the power tariff
The opposition party in Odisha asked to reduce the power tariff

The opposition party of the Congress and BJP unit accused the Odisha government the sudden hike of power tariff. Moreover, they even threatened to stage a protest if the authority does not reverse the order of OERC (Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission. Yesterday, the BJP party in the state said that the authority is punishing the consumers with power price hike amid the pandemic. While the centre provided much assistance to the people to cope up the crisis, Odisha government chose to increase the power tariff. Golak Mohapatra, the spokesperson of BJP stood by the Odisha people made this powerful comment.

Tweet of the Union Minister

The Union Minister of the state, Mr Dharmendra Pradhan tweeted regarding the “power-purchase” thing within the state. He wrote that PSUs of MinOfPower has offered a rebate of Rs 84.93 crore to DISCOMS in Odisha. It will further assist the troubled power utility sector of the state. However, he did not mention about the sudden hike in power tariff for once.

Statement of the BJP spokesperson

Mr Golak Mohapatra stated that PM Modi has promised to deliver constant power supply to the state. Moreover, he has also assured of providing additional power to the domestic consumers, industries and commercials on demand. The sole objective of such an initiative is to uplift the financial condition of the state.

When the Central government is providing so much financial aid to the state, then there is no way for the authority to hike the power tariff. Now, the BJP is asking BJD to justify the reason for the sudden price hike. He further mentioned that the Centre has allotted a total of Rs. 5963.21 crore.    

Accounts of OPCC president

The OPCC president Niranjan Patnaik takes over the BJD Government. He accused them of punishing the locals for the incompetence of the DISCOMS. As per Patnaik, Odisha was the pioneer of the reforming of the power sectors in the 90s. However, it is still suffering from 35% of the commercial and technical loss.


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