Around 3000 police personnel in Odisha resume their duty after recovering COVID-19

Odisha Police Resumed duty after recovery
Odisha Police Resumed duty after recovery

More than 3000 police personal in Odisha whom the killer virus COVID-19 triggered have resumed their duty. According to the sources, they joined back immediately after recovering from the deadly disease. It happened due to their willpower and mental strength. They decided to serve the state amid this health crisis right away after they tested negative for COVID-19. As per the statement of a senior police officer of the state stated that till now more than 4000 personnel became the victim of the virus. He further said that the authority asked the infected personal to join back their duty whenever they feel okay.

Accounts of the police personnel

A senior police officer from Bhubaneswar posted that the rejoined his duty last week. He also mentioned that during the treatment, he was feeling extremely weak. However, he still decided to join back his duty as soon as possible since several officers are under isolation due to the infection. Another inspector who was receiving treatment under a COVID hospital reportedly resumed duty from yesterday. He mentioned that even though he was weak and felt difficulty while breathing, but now he is quite well. In fact, he also stated that he is ready to take on his duties.   

Alongside, a constable from Ganjam revealed about his fight against COVID-19. The doctors kept him on a ventilator at a healthcare centre in Behrampur for around 10 days. There, during the treatment, the constable received two plasmas. The reports further suggested that he had a little chance of survival as he developed the symptoms of pneumonia, had chest pain and breathing issue while the treatment was going on. However, he is now fine and rejoined duty on the 14th of September. Another sub-inspector from Ganjam discharged from hospital on the 18th of August. However, he has mentioned that he can perform back his duties.


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