District Administration Of Khordha Prohibited Visiting Nijigarh Tapang

Khurda local government prohibited the residents to visit Nijigarh Patang
Khurda local government prohibited the residents to visit Nijigarh Patang

Ever since numerous photographs of Hatia Mundia at Nijigarh Tapang at the district of Khordha went viral on the social media platforms, it has become a well-known tourist destination for both the state people as well as the neighbouring dwellers. Especially, the youth of Odisha find this place to be a great hangout spot. It presents an exotic feeling to the visitors. However, yesterday, i.e. Sunday, the administration of Khordha district has announced the place as a prohibited rea. Within a few months, the spot has received much love from the residents. However, the sudden news of its prohibition has disheartened its regular visitors. But why did the district administration take such an initiative? For having more insights into the matter, read ahead.

The reason for its prohibition

The spot might be attractive, but it can anytime create a devastating situation towards the visitors. It is mainly due to two reasons. First of all, there were several stone quarries at Nijigarh Tapang. However, now, rainwater has filled the entire area. Thus, visitors can suffer from severe injury if they are unaware of the position of the quarry.

Secondly, there are a lot of dynamites underneath the ground, which is the main reason for its banning. These dynamites can probably explode at any point in time, putting the lives of the visitors on risk. Because of this, the administration of the district has made the people aware of this matter through the public address system.

In addition, the local authority has alerted the residents to avoid visiting the place from today (Monday) onwards. However, if any of the dwellers disobey the norms, the governing bodies will take strict punishments against them. As of now, we do not know when the authority will lift the ban from this place. To get more news on Odisha, keep visiting our website daily.


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