Another bank heist in Bhubaneswar

Daylight heist in Bhubaneswar
Daylight heist in Bhubaneswar

It is the second time that Bhubaneswar witnessed a daylight bank heist in the past 20 days. According to the sources, on Monday, The Barinmunda branch of the Bank of India at Mancheswar underwent a robbery of Rs 9.5 lakh. Reportedly, the miscreant who dared to take on such an ill action was wearing a helmet. He stepped inside the bank in the afternoon and threatened the staff members. By frightening the bank executives with two air guns, he looted the amount. For knowing the entire matter in details, make sure to read the below sections.

Accounts of the branch manager

After the miscreant fled away, the branch manager namely Mr Nandan Roul informed the police force at Mancheswar. The manager further stated that around at 1.30 pm, he went out for a field visit. After that, a man appeared while wearing helmets and carrying two guns. At that point, three executives and one consumer were present inside the bank. Then, pointing the gun, the man asked money from the cashier namely Ajay Kumar Nayak.

Furthermore, the manager handed over the CCTV footage of the entire happening to the police force. Since the bank’s footfall was not very broad, the branch did not hire any security panel.

The statement of the Police Personnel in Bhubaneswar

The DCP of the city Mr Umashankar Dash stated that they are currently investigating on the matter. He also mentioned that the initial investigations indicate the involvement of only one miscreant in the crime. The police force further claimed that the pattern of both the heists is exactly the same. The first robbery took place at the Nandan Vihar branch of the Indian Overseas Bank on the 7th of September. There, the miscreant looted 2.78 lakh while wearing a helmet and pointing gun. Similar to this case, that bank branch, too, did not appoint any security panel.


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