Odisha government disapproves the opening of the temples

Odisha government announces to impose restrictions on Odisha temples
Odisha government announces to impose restrictions on Odisha temples

Yesterday, i.e. on Monday, Odisha government notified the Orissa High Court that opening the religious establishments in the state is not a favourable idea. Jayant Kumar Bal filed a petition, mentioning to re-open the religious places since the state has withdrawn the lockdown. In response to that, the state government claimed that keeping in view the COVID-19 situation, it will be better to keep the shrines and other religious places closed. The authority even declared that the numbers of COVID patients are increasing day by day. Thus, they have decided to enforce restrictions on religious places.

Announcement of the state government

The government clearly stated that even though other states have permitted the relaxation on the opening of the religious establishments, but they would not. It is because the COVID situation in other places might not be as severe as Odisha.

Accounts of the law department

In the submitted affidavit, Mr Dasmat Marndi from the department of Law stated that it is difficult to maintain social distancing inside the temple. Moreover, he even mentioned in temple premises like Grava Gruha social distancing is impossible because of the narrow passages.

Mr Marndi said that Odisha possesses around thousands of religious establishments. Thus, deploying the police force to each and every temple is hardly manageable. The police personnel already have a lot of duties to handle due to the COVID crisis. He even mentioned that the opening of the temples is not equal to the relaxation of the business units. The latter is essential for the livelihood of the workers.

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The objective is to halt the gathering of the people in the temple premises to stop the spread of COVID-19. The Odisha government gas issued the guidelines in compliance with the standards of the Disaster Management Act 2005. The chief Justice Mohammad Rafiq and justice BR Sarangi suspended the case.


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