5 Types of Online Bets that you should Avoid

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If you are a beginner gambler, you should consider that there are 5 types of online bets that you should avoid when playing bet on cricket. These, although they provide important gains, are usually somewhat complex if you do not have experience with them. Today we will talk about these markets offered by sports betting houses.

Parlay Online Betting

It is also known in the online betting industry as combinations. It is worth mentioning that sports books on the internet offer them in most of their sporting events.

In this mode you have to choose two or more sports teams and play the amount of money that you think is convenient. It should be noted that the parlay bet is very risky, because to win you have to hit all the options you selected.

However, players who gain experience from betting and study the statistics. They are likely to win and receive generous payouts at online bookmakers such as the most famous site for betting at bet365 Ecuador. For example, a 2-team parlay can pay 13/5 and a combined 8-team pays 175/1.

Live Online Betting

You must be clear that live online betting is the most exciting. However, if you are still a newbie they can cause you to lose money. Because, you will get carried away by the adrenaline of the moment and you will bet without having done a statistical analysis.

Remember that online gambling is a very serious matter. So, you should not do them moved by the heart but by a prior study. Of course, anything can happen live on the court. But, you will have more chances of winning when you read the sports news and check the statistics.

Of Futures

It can be said that futures bets are like a long-term investment. Since, you are playing a result of a future sporting event. For example, who will win the next World Cup or the Super Bowl next year?

For this reason, if you register on sports betting pages. Take this market into account if you have the skills to forecast the outcome of a season, so you will get good dividends.


They are online bets that are generally used in sports such as American football and basketball. It should be noted that they are very interesting and resemble Parlay bets.

The difference between Teaser and Parlay on online sports betting sites. It is that you will get some points for each event you play. That is to say, you deduct points from the favorite team and incorporate them in favor of the selection that is not favorite.


They represent one of the most challenging online gambling and are not suitable for inexperienced players. It is about adjusting the margin or total points when betting on multiple selections, all in a single bet.

Also, pleasers move the line in favor of the online sports betting operator. However, if you are able to identify the lines that can win, despite moving in favor of the bookmaker. You will get much more lucrative payments, as long as you have enough experience, as the risk is high with Pleasers.

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