6 Tips for preparing GRE

Every thousand students are sacrificing nights, social life for clearing competitive exams in the hope of pursuing a Master’s degree from a renowned university. Among other competitive exams, GRE for PH.D. plays a vital role that helps students in getting admissions including Harvard University. The article highlights the effective tips that would help students who are planning to clear the GRE. 

  1. Preparation 6 months before the exam- To get the highest score on the GRE, you need to start your preparation at least 6 months before the exam. It is because practice makes a man perfect. During this 6 months duration, you can know about your mistakes and correct them till the date of the exam. Also, it is advisable to take on mock tests regularly to make familiarise yourself with the type of questions that could appear in an exam. 
  2. Choose the right study material- Do not let yourself overburden with a lot of books, sample papers, and notes. Choose one book and stick to it. Keep it simple and if possible, keep a notepad with you to jot down the important points on your notepad. 
  3. Measure your progress via Mock test- You can measure your performance while taking full-length tests or mock tests online. It is a great way to know where you need improvement and where you are lacking behind. You can improve your mistakes and score even better. Therefore, to clear a GRE test, become a master in attempting all of the questions, and take tests online to improve your weaknesses. 
  4. Answer all questions- There is no penalty for guessing. Therefore, when you come across a tricky question, try to make a random guess. Sometimes, the random guess also gets correct. So, do not leave any questions during the exam.
  5. Time management- Time plays a vital role in life that does not wait for anyone. While attempting the test, do not forget the clock. It is very important to keep speed when attempting the paper. No matter how the exam comes, whether you are confident of all the answers or not, try to manage your time so that you do not end up leaving the answers because of a shortage of time. Try to speed up from the beginning so that you are left with extra 5-10 minutes of revision, if possible.
  6. Stay calm- Taking a GRE can be a daunting experience for most students but keeping yourself calm is the ultimate key to success. Instead of panic, confuse, or getting emotional after looking at the test, try to keep yourself relax and keep your spirits high. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. Also, before appearing in an exam, take plenty of sleep and drink enough water to keep hydrated all through the day.

To conclude- 

The above-mentioned tips are effective if students follow them rigorously. Competitive exams are difficult but not even harder to give up on easily. Thus, with the above-described tips, students can learn to keep their mind relax and starts their preparation smoothly.