7 Interesting facts about wedding rings

wedding rings
wedding rings

A wedding ring symbolizes the special bond shared between two people. Wearing your wedding ring means that you honour the vows you made to your spouse on your wedding day and honour the relationship that you share with your partner. It’s a metal band that stands for love, loyalty and commitment. It’s a common ornament that you will find on the ring finger of most married people. But there are certain facts about the wedding ring that most of us are unaware about. Let’s take a look at these interesting facts about a wedding ring.

    • The custom of exchanging wedding rings first began in ancient Europe, were the bride and groom were require to exchange rings during the marriage ceremony. The shape of this ornament was essentially circular, not just because a circular ornament fit the finger perfectly, but also because the circular shape resembled the shape of the moon and sun which were worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. This made sure that every marriage was blessed by the Gods. Also, the round shape stands for eternity, which has no beginning and no end, like time and therefore was ideal for a marriage ceremony.
    • Weddings rings are usually made of gold metal which is a very valuable and pure metal, ideal to symbolize marriage. It is a noble metal which does not tarnish or corrode with time. Around 17 tons of gold is used to make wedding rings in a year in the United States of America alone. A large number of wedding rings hatton garden are made of gold and diamonds. 
    • The wedding ring is usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because the ancient Romans believed that the vein of love is located there which is directly connected to the heart. However, science has proved that no such vein exists, but the tradition continues.
    • In the past, only the brides used to wear a wedding ring. The tradition where both the man and wife wear wedding rings started during the Second World War, where the soldiers would wear a wedding ring on their ring finger to remember their wives back home.
    • Traditions in some countries like Russia and Germany mandate the couple to wear their wedding rings in the right hand since the right hand is the hand used to make vows. Therefore, the ring should be worn on the right hand to uphold the vows of marriage.
    • Historically, a major reason why wedding rings were exchanged is because the man had to prove that he was financially stable by giving his bride a gift of a ring made of precious metal and stone.
  • The most common word that is traditionally engraved on a wedding band is the groom’s name. However, today the couple can get their spouses initials engraved to make their plain wedding band more special. Alternatively, they can choose to engrave their wedding date or anything more personal to their wedding bands with lab created diamonds London.