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Agnipath scheme: Eligibility, age limit, women’s quota- All details about Agneepath Yojana

Defence Minister Rajanath Singh launched the Agnipath recruitment scheme on Tuesday (June 14). Men and women between the ages of 17.5 and 21 will be recruited for the armed forces under this scheme. “After four years, Agniveers will be able to apply voluntarily for the regular cadre. Based on merit, organisation requirement, up to 25 percent shall be selected from that batch” Lt Gen Puri informed. “We will provide an opportunity to the youth to serve the nation for a short and long duration, as Agniveers. We are giving youth a chance for both long and short duration military service,” he added. While launching the scheme at a conference in Delhi defense minister said “the Cabinet Committee on Security has taken a historic decision today to approve the transformative scheme of ‘Agnipath’.”

The first-year salary package is Rs 4.76 lakh, with an increase to Rs 6.92 lakh in the fourth year. Following the release, the Seva Nidhi package costs approximately Rs 11.71 lakh, including interest (tax-free) There is also a Rs 48 lakh non-contributory insurance cover.

Following four years of service, 25% of Agniveers will be retained in the regular cadre based on merit, willingness, and medical fitness. They will then serve another full term of 15 years. While the remaining 75% of Agniveers will be demobilized, they will be given an exit or “Seva Nidhi” package worth Rs 11-12 lakh, which will be funded in part by their monthly contributions, as well as skill certificates and bank loans to help them in their second careers.

The defence budget for 2022-23 was Rs 5,25,166 crore, which included Rs 1,19,696 crore for defence pensions. The revenue expenditure allocation was Rs 2,33,000 crore.

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