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An Effective Guide for Your Link Building Strategy

Blogging is a vital marketing component you have to master with your SEO skills. You have to be a professional to keep up with the randomly changing algorithms and compete for SEO rankings. Back in the day, links were all about quantity but as the times have changed, so have the link-building strategies.

Today the clients ask for newer link building strategies and quality links. Many people rely on ineffective ways for building inconsistent patterns of links. They use these patterns to throw off the search engines. However, smart search engines like Google keep changing their guidelines to identify these patterns to maintain the users’ SEO standards.

Here’s a useful guide for you to build your links consistently.

Significance of links: 

SEO professionals use a ubiquitous phrase, “All links you create are not equal.” Links can be of bad or sound quality, and the quality of these links decides the quality of your content. The algorithms of different search engines have different ways of judging a link, as per Google.

Google analyzes a link from page A to page B according to vote from page A for page B. These votes of the pages are themselves “significant.” Plus, they help other pages become relevant.”

It means that links relevant to the content will have more value than the links that anyone has placed unnaturally in the content. Building links should be a high priority job, and only a professional should alleviate the content’s value. Similarly, a link to a popular website will attract more audience than a link that leads to an entirely unknown source. The above should be enough to emphasize the importance of links and the necessity of a strategy to build them.


It is the age of digitization, and the fear of missing out is daunting for today’s people. Similarly, gaining popularity using the internet is also something that most people love. You can use this baiting strategy to build some very consistent links. Baits can be a very interesting way to get links. Someone can easily be a part of your bait if you relate to them or something enticing. You can get many shares by using this strategy. You can also do it with other links and websites. This way, you will generate more traffic by using smart bait.

Broken links 

There is an immense number of broken links you can find with a little extra effort on the internet. These broken links are a great link building strategy to help you improve your SEO. It is not very simple, but it indeed is one of the most effective and efficient ways of building quality links. Put in some effort to fix the broken links and then take them to the webmaster, who will replace the broken links with the links you have fixed. You can find these broken links by prospecting. You can then add any content that has been improved and try increasing the outreach by finding relevant sources. This link building strategy can take up some time and effort, but it will always be worth it in the end.

Guest blogging

Even though Google has debunked it and called it outdated, guest blogging is still very much acceptable by many other search engines. You can utilize guest blogging for building inbound links except for Google because the algorithm will sort through the links you have created this way. Over time, guest blogging has become the most commonly used strategy for building links, dramatically affecting the content’s quality. People use it with low-quality content and get away by merely optimizing the anchor text. Therefore, Google and a few other search engines do not suggest guest blogging as a strategy to build links anymore.

Make lists

Lists are something that interests everyone around the world. They are the most effective way to build links. You can link up long lists with more than 100+ things, or you can use smaller lists like ten ways to earn more money as an SEO professional, etc. These lists attract the most traffic and cause a subsequent increase in link sharing. Most people love to share and view lists, making it the most engaging of all other link building strategies.

Local listings 

Utilize your local listings for the domain promotions. Their referencing can be a kick start for you, and it makes them a perfect link building strategy. These listings improve visibility and increase your credibility for the search engines like Google by confirming your location. Many sites like YELP get their listing index on Google, which will give you a fantastic boost.

Helping and Sponsoring 

Helping out brands and reports can be a fantastic strategy to find and build links and work wonders as a PR strategy. The reporters can utilize the links for getting information by using certain links that you provide. Several local small brands or Non-profits can utilize PR. It is a viable approach to offer it to them. In return, they will allow you to get links, making it a win-win situation.

Original content

When you create unique content, people would love to link up with you without even asking for it. It is common knowledge between SEO professionals and something they talk about all the time. Try to be as innovative and original with your content as you possibly can be. This way, you can find more links and wind up with fantastic outreach and contacts.


Lastly, do not be a part of the earnings race and focus on generating better content with quality links. Do not use any unnecessary methods. Avoid low-quality links or hidden links of any kind. Undoubtedly, businesses today are focusing entirely on digital marketing and enhancing online presence. Companies must maintain a robust online presence to survive the cutthroat competitive environment. If you strive to be successful in SEO, you should have a brilliant strategy for link building. Any search engine will appraise the content quality by looking at the links.

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