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Assam: Non-Private School Enrollment Increases During Pandemic

According to official figures, the overall number of pupils in all government, aided, and non-private school in Assam has climbed by more than 63,000 in the 15 months from September 2020. The Education Department recently compiled enrolment numbers for all pupils from Classes 1 to 12, And discovered that the total number has climbed despite fears of dropout owing to the pandemic’s impact.

According to a datasheet obtained by PTI, the total number of students enrolled in government, assisted, tea garden managed. And venture (formed by the people of a locality) schools climbed to 56,84,487 in November 2021 from 56,21,203 in September 2020. The data revealed an increase of 63,284 students, or a 1.13 percent rise in overall enrolment.

The most significant increase has been seen in the primary area. It includes Classes I through VIII, with 72,097 extra enrolments over the 15-month period.

In September 2020, there were 44,92,085 pupils in the primary division of all non-private schools in Assam, which climbed to 45,64,182 in November 2021.

The increases of enrollment for school during pandemic:

Students in upper secondary schools (Classes 11 and 12) showed an increase of 27,211 enrolments to 3,44,657 from 3,17,446 over the study session.

The only sector that had a decrease in student enrollment was secondary, which includes Classes 9 and 10.

It is including admitting new students and re-enrolling students who had left out. We conducted a large enrolment campaign, which had positive results.

Ms Korati stated that the government has reinforced the attendance tracking system for both students and teachers. As well as developed local resource groups to assist in maintaining school quality.

We enlisted the help of several non-governmental organizations and worked tirelessly to raise awareness among parents, guardians. And communities about the need of sending their children to school. During the epidemic, we also modified the school hours to accommodate the children’s needs “She stated.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, many low-income parents switched their children from private to public schools. According to a social worker who works closely with the government in the children’s education sector.

“The epidemic destroyed these low-income homes. Many of them couldn’t afford the exorbitant tuition of private institutions.


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