AstroStat detected UV ray from a new galaxy AUDFs01

AstroStat detects UV light from AUDFs01
AstroStat detects UV light from AUDFs01

India’s first multi-wavelength satellite namely AstroStat has spotted a UV ray from a specific galaxy. Its distance from Earth is around 9.3 billion light-years. The scientists from the IUCAA has stated this news on Monday. The Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics has made an announcement. As per their statement, IUCAA scientists-led global team has accomplished the ground-breaking fact. In the statement, the Pune-based establishment revealed that AstroStat which possesses 5 exclusive UV and X-ray telescopes spotted extreme-UV ray from AUDFs01. The discovery has shaken the whole world. Today’s post will give you more insights into the matter. Therefore, keep reading.

Further details on the news piece

Dr Kanak Saha-led international astronomy team detected the major breakthrough on the 24th of August. The international team has astronomers from India, Switzerland, France, Japan, Netherlands, and Japan. Through AstroStat, Dr Saha including his research team detected the galaxy namely AUDFs01.

According to the release, back in October 2016, the detection lasted for over 28 hours. However, since then, it took around 2 years for the research team to cautiously examine the data. And finally, they have affirmed the fact the UV light emission is truly from the newly discovered galaxy! The press additionally stated that the Earth’s atmosphere absorbs the UV radiation. Thus, the detection ought to take place from space.

Earlier findings by NASA

Prior to this, Hubble Space Telescope from NASA did not spot any emission of UV light from AUDFs01. It is likely because of its extreme faintness. While discussing the earlier findings through HST, Dr Saha disclosed that AstroStat accomplished this exceptional feat as the background noise is lesser.

Dr Kanak Saha’s statement

Dr Kanak Saha stated that they knew that the task of convincing the international community about their discovery was difficult. The main reason behind this the failed attempt of Nasa’s HST.

Accounts of Director of IUCAA

The Director of IUCCA Dr Somak Raychaudhury has presented his thoughts concerning the matter. He has said that the discovery will help in learning how the dark ages of the universe ended. It will also reveal details on how there was light in the universe.

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