Badasahi and Udala police stations working without IICs

Udala Police station in Mayurbhanj district
Udala Police station in Mayurbhanj district

Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district records the highest population in the state. However, the nearest police stations Badasahi and Udala here are working without IICs for almost two months. Therefore, it is creating a threat for the local residents and they are living in fear. It is been two months and the post for IIC has been lying vacant. Mayurbhanj district has twenty-eight-gram panchayats. The total population is almost two lakhs and falls under the Badasahi police station jurisdiction.

Similarly, Udala also has 12 GPs with almost a population of two lakhs. On 27 July, Badasahi police stations IIC Jayanta Kumar Behra got a transfer order to headquarter. After his transfer, no IIC got an appointment from the administration. Hence, Ashok Barik, sub-inspector as well as few other constables are working in the police station. Although Ashok Kumar Nayak, Betnoti IIC took the responsibility of Badasahi; however, he received a transfer order as well.

Similarly, the administration took the decision to transfer Rina Behera, IIC of Udala police station on July 29. As of now, Swarnalata Minz is in-charge of both Khunta and Udala. However, Minz is facing issues with managing both the police stations.

The reasons behind locals feeling threats

After the IICs left Badasahi police station, fifteen unnatural death along with almost twenty-six criminal deaths took place since July. As of now, locals of Udala reported about twenty-two criminal cases after the IIC’s transfer.

A few weeks back, Sanatan Bijuli, Badasahi MLA met Parmarsmith Parshottamdas, Mayurbhanj SP. Thus, he came to a decision that IIC post within a week. However, almost fifteen-days is over, and still, the posts are empty. Criminals in Udala and Badasahi are taking the advantage of the situation. In conclusion, the rate of anti-social activities in both regions is increasing every day.

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