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Bhangra Pop-Singer Daler Mehndi Arrested For Human Trafficking Case

The Iconic bhangra pop singer Daler Mehndi was arrested in a human trafficking case in 2003. The Patiala district court in Punjab has upheld Singer’s conviction in an old illegal immigration racket case dating back 20 years. 


The Punjab Patiala court has dismissed the plea for release of the famous Punjabi Singer Daler Mehdi, who has been accused of the illegal human trafficking racket case of 2003, whose judgment has been released, and the Singer has been arrested from his residence in the evening after the decision of the court was made. 

Additional Sessions Judge H.S. Grewal dismissed the bail plea and ordered the immediate arrest of the Singer.

The case is of 2003, which was registered against Daler Mehndi and his brother Shamsher Singh where both the brothers were accused of taking a sum amount of 1 crore, with the promise to take the youth abroad and settle there in the Western country and provide a good life. 

The case turned into a burning topic, and Singer continuously claimed not to participate in such illegal activities. In 2003, sources confirmed the case where Singer was involved in the case of illegal human trafficking and was arrested but soon came out of jail on bail.

The recent judgment, which was made on 14 July 2022, gave a final judgment of confirmation of Singer’s involvement in the case.

The term ‘kabootarbaazi’ is used, which refers to the flying of pigeons which ironically means the trafficking of youth to western countries in promising to provide them a good life in the music industry and settle them there permanently. And the charges were made up to Rs 2 million in each case.


Complainant Bakhshish Singh accused the Singer and his brother of taking a 1 crore rupee with a deal and a promise to give him a settled; life abroad, and later days, months and years, the maturity of the deal never happened, which pushed him to take a step like this.

Bakhshish Singh registered a case against Singer a day before the judgment came for the human trafficking case.

Soon after the judgment, the iconic Singer was arrested, kept under custody, and sentenced to two-year life imprisonment. 

The Singer is silent in the case but claims that he is not involved in the case; rather claims further that the Singer himself with his brother, who died in 2017, have fallen prey to the fraud case. 

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The Singer was arrested on the evening of 14 July 2022 per the orders of Patiala district court and sentenced to 2-yrs of imprisonment as all the cases have been proved true against him.

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