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Brain Dead Woman Saves 5 Lives By Organ Donation In Pune

A Brain dead woman who is reported to be the wife of a retired soldier donates organs and saves 5 lives in Pune. The Woman fell prey to an accidental mishap at her residence, after which she was admitted to the Command Hospital (Southern Command), CH (SC) in Maharashtra’s Pune.


Soon after the unfortunate mishap on July 14, the Woman was rushed to the hospital and was found with no sign of life in her brain and declared brain. The family was made aware that she didn’t have much time, after which the family and relatives decided to donate her organs, including two of her kidneys, liver and eyes, as per information obtained from the Brig. Bhupesh Goyal, Deputy Commandant, Command Hospital, Pune. 

The family donated both the Kidneys to two serving soldiers in the Indian Army, and the Woman’s liver was donated to a dire need liver patient at the Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune. The eyes are being preserved by the CH(SC)-Armed Forces Medical College Complex.

The family was aware of the organ donation concept, and the family itself decided to donate to the persons in dire need of it. 


After the unfortunate mishap of July 14, till the morning of July 15, all the organs were properly acquired by the expert surgeon of the city following the transplant process.

The Woman’s family has conveyed to society that ” we only need our organs here on earth, not the other side.”

The benevolent gesture was appreciated by many. It also spreads awareness to spread happiness by donating organs after death to the person who is unfortunate to see the beautiful world and whose lives of millions are worthy for the survival of a family and a household. 

Way Forward

The incident is a great inspired message to mankind who live our life to the fullest on our terms but forget the beautiful body and organs we have been gifted.

So, being responsible citizens and a part of being human life, let’s show humanity by sharing the love by donating organs after death. 

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