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Breathing Exercises are beneficial in treating the mental stress in students

Breathing exercises for mental health
Breathing exercises for mental health

Studies revealed that a few breathing exercises can enhance mental health in both school and college students. It can reduce stress and anxiety, delivering a fresh and active mind. The researcher has assessed three training programs including emotional intelligence and breathing strategies. They further found out that both of those aspects led to progress in mental wellbeing. It is indeed a great discovery. The current health crisis and online coaching classes have made the students anxious. The article will give a clear insight into the areas on which the breathing exercises bring positive changes. Hence keep on reading.

Further reports on the study

According to the experts, the training programs can be a helpful tool to address the mental illness at university campuses. They further stated that the program can bring improvements in six distinct areas that include social connectedness and depression. The experts revealed that the mental wellbeing in the students has been declining over the past 10 years. Meantime, the pandemic occurred. It, in fact, has worsened the situation even more and more. It increased racial tensions, anxiety, sleeplessness, affecting their mental health crucially.

Research results

To acquire the results, the team of the researchers conducted the study on 135 different undergraduate subjects. They ran the study for a total of 30 hours to find out the results. The outcome they received was impressive.

The result states that a training program namely SKY Campus Happiness proved to be the most beneficial thing. Art of Living Foundation took the initiative of developing the training program. The event chiefly relies upon meditation, social connection, yoga postures, service activities etc.

By undertaking the aforementioned sessions, reportedly, the students have improved in 6 different realms of mental health. Those areas include stress, depressions, mental health, positive effect, mindfulness, and social connectedness. As mentioned earlier there were three training programs, the second program namely Foundations of Emotional Intelligence impacted positively in only one area: mindfulness.

However, the third and last training program, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction has merely shown any positive outcome. The students on whom the experts conducted the test expressed their gratefulness. They stated that the breathing exercises is actually advantageous

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