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Your sleep is the most important factor that keeps you going daily and makes sure you lead a healthy lifestyle. After a hectic day, all you need is a good sleep time in the most comfortable outfit that you own. The nightwears are an essential outfit when it comes to women. As we are aware that women go through a lot of ups and downs in their bodies throughout life. Be it the monthly periods or pregnancies, the female body is an epitome of so many hormonal activities that gives way to bodily reactions and to keep it fine, your nightwears play an important role.

Nightwear for women is available both online and offline. However, making an online purchase comes with several perks. It is cost-effective and you can get outfits in bulk. Other than this, buying online saves you time and any other hassles. What you wear to sleep is an indication of how you will wake up the next morning.

Clovia is one such brand of women’s nightwear and loungewear that has come up with a lot of manifestations in such outfits. It understands the requirements of women and curates clothing that’s best for your health in every possible way. You can opt for all the products by Clovia on Bewakoof and other online platforms which are prominent in India.

The list of types of nightwear by Clovia on Bewakoof is as follows:

  • Shorts: Your summers are incomplete without a pair of comfortable shorts. Either it is a weekend house party or a movie date in your home in the afternoons, a pair of good shorts sorts all the plans in style. The Print Me Pretty Boxer Shorts by this brand is a good pick if you are looking for one.


  • Top and shorts set: A good combination of a gentle top and shorts set can make your day better. After all, comfortable clothing keeps a person happier and in a much more peaceful state of mind. The Crepe Printed Top and Shorts Set is made of high-quality cotton and helps your skin and body rejuvenate in the summer season.


  • Capri: The Comfort Fit Active Capri is one of the best picks out there when it comes to a Capri. You can wear it for your workouts or jogs and even for grocery shopping outings. It is one of the most sorted outfits one can have.


  • Capri and top set: What is better than your favourite Capri along with a matching top? Sounds interesting right? You can even opt for wearing this outfit while you are traveling due to the comfort it imparts.


  • Pajama: Our all-girls pajama party can never be complete without comfortable yet stylish pajamas. Women’s pyjamas come in several designs and patterns. The fabric out of which it is made is so gentle to the skin that you wouldn’t feel like changing over to other outfits easily.


  • Nighty: These are loose gown-like outfits that are mostly worn by ladies during their bedtime. Extremely airy and loose, it provides enough breathable space in the body.


  • Tights: There are times when you might want to go for something that is a complete body fit. In that case, the Snug Fit Active Ankle Length Tights is a good choice and having one of these would also help you in your workout or yoga sessions.


  • Pajama and top set: Pajama sets for women can serve as both your loungewear and nightwear. The feel-good vibe comes from a matching outfit of any kind.


I am sure after looking at the options above you would not be able to hold yourself back from buying a couple of these available only on Bewakoof. If you are a Tribe Member, then grab discounts and offers on every product. So hurry!

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