Climate change is resulting in massive spike in glacier lakes

Glacial lakes are swelling dangerously
Glacial lakes are swelling dangerously

Over the last 30 years, the volumes of lakes have hiked by 50% due to the melting of glaciers globally. According to the reports, scientists have acquired this information through the satellite-based study. The new findings will further assist the researchers as well the government to detect the impending challenges to the downstream communities of the unstable water bodies. Subsequently, it will help them to comprehend how quickly and in what manner the melting ice of the glacier emerges from the sea levels. The previous sources indicate that between the period of 1994 to 2017, the global glaciers shed around 6.5 trillion tonnes of water. Well, scientists have studied the matter and presented their valuable findings. To know more about the news piece, keep on reading.

Accounts of the scientists

The team of the researchers who conducted the study stated that not all meltwater contributes to the rise of the sea levels. The lead author of the research, Dan Shugar also revealed that until this period, there was no information to evaluate how much was being accumulated in groundwater or lakes. Furthermore, the experts also suggest that glacier melting is responsible for around 35% of worldwide sea level rises in 100 years. Apart from it, other key sources of sea-level rise include melting ice sheets and ocean water expansion. 

The outburst of glacial lake 

Since the pre-industrial times, the average temperature of the Earth has increased by 1 degree Celsius. However, the temperature in the mountain regions has risen two times more. It, in turn, accelerates the melting of the glaciers across the world. In addition, the glacier lakes are not similar to the normals lakes. The former ones are quite unstable for being obstructed by fragments of loose debris rocks or ice. While the water bursts via these accidental barriers, immense flooding is likely to take place downstream. This type of flooding is worldly popular as glacial lake outbursts. In fact, it is liable for the deaths of thousands of innocents lives and destruction of livestock, villages, etc. The latest study estimated that at present, the glacial lake volume is over 150 cubics Kilometres. To get more such news, keep your eyes on our website. 

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