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Couple Married for 19 years In Bhubaneswar Commits Suicide: Wife Dead And Husband Critical

The couple married for 19 years in Bhubaneswar committed suicide over a family issue. According to the medical report, the wife was declared dead, and the husband’s life was critical.


Sanjana Periwal (39) and her husband, Sanjay Periwal (42), were married for 19 years and had 2 children aged 17 and 10, respectively. Sanjana, who accompanies her husband to the shop, did not visit the shop for which the husband sent his nephew to see her home for why she has not yet reached the shop, Where tye nephew discovered the woman hanging o the ceiling after the news the husbnd rushed to the home and after witnessing the scenario in front of eye consumed liquid cleaner in intension to kill himself for the heartbreak. The students were at school the following day when the incident took place. 

The man and the woman were rushed to a private hospital, where the woman was declared dead, and the man was in critical condition. 

The police authority of the area has registered a case, but due to the inefficient cooperation of the husband, who is dealing with mental trauma, the case has been paused for a while.


A family issue or a serious fight may be why the neighbors and police suspect. The children are sent to their paternal families.

After the stable condition of the husband, the real story can be acquired, said the head commissioner of the Branch police.

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