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“DAMaN”- A Movie To Be Remembered!

Daman odia movie

DAMaN- A movie to be remembered! Why? Well, this movie is a game changer for the Ollyw0od industry. It was required for the industry to keep its sway upright and be competitive in the media industry. The heart-anchoring movie has created a different fan basis for the characters too. In the history of the Odia film industry, Daman is the first-ever Pan India release.  


Daman reviews!  


The stimulating movie release date was on the 04th of November 2022; the star cast comprises Babushan Mohanty and Dipanwit Dasmohapatra under the direction and story of Vishal Mourya and Debi Prasad Lenka. The story is based on a true event and the life of Dr. Omkar Hota. It is a story of an inspiring doctor Dr. Omkar Hota, who tries to eradicate malaria from the most cut-off area of Malkangiri. 

The trailer has drawn the attention of many audiences and depicted the austerity of malaria and the fear of Naxals in people’s lives. The struggle to carry a pregnant woman in a cot was a goosebump moment for the audience.



After a long time, an Odia movie has touched millions’ hearts and been released nationwide. According to IMDB, it has been rated as 9.7/10, keeping behind “Kantara and KGF 2”. However, the storyline and superb casting of the movie have made it a great movie to watch in recent times. The movie’s budget was 95 lakhs, and the audience’s response is a lot more to it. The movie is filled with emotions, thrill and excitement. So, it has completely changed the thought process of people for Odia movies, and audiences are expecting more such sterling movies in the industry rather than dubbing and remakes. Such movies are a great inspiration for mankind.


Dynamic World Of Movies


Bollywood has always overshadowed the film prospects in society. Although the regional languages and regional movies are downtrodden in the minds of the audience, where a large audience gets attracted to Bollywood movies. But now the time is changing where Tamil, Telegu, Bengali, Odia every regional movie are admired by many audiences. As a matter of fact, people are no more limited to a particular genre; they try to figure out the movies that have a great value addition to society. Due to this, Bollywood movies are crashing down at the box office as the audiences don’t find them to add value to life.


The diversified world has changed the demands of audiences. The taste in cinema is completely changed. It encourages movie makers to think outside the box and not repeat the same versions. It is also helping to break the stereotypes about cinemas and trying to create a different environment for movie lovers.

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