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Exclusive: Amrita Rao considers herself ‘fortunate’ to have portrayed Lata Singer Mangeshkar on cinema, saying, ‘I was experiencing Lata ji’s life.’

Many people lined up in front of the renowned Lata Mangeshkar to film a biography on her, but the late singer refused. And it was Amrita Rao who played the character based on Mangeshkar’s life in the drama Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai.

“I’m lucky and honoured to be the sole actor to play a character inspired by Singer Lata ji,” Rao exclaims, adding, “With that comes a lot of responsibility and hard work.” To comprehend her body language, I had to look at images and videos of her. It was fantastic to be living Lata ji’s life.”

Rao was so engrossed in Mangeshkar’s life that she recalls waking up on February 6, 1964. And the first picture that came to mind was Lata ji’s: I woke up that morning and the first image that came to mind was Lata ji’s. I had the impression she had moved on. (This was before I had really read or knew anything.) I had a feeling… I’m not sure what to label it. Maybe it was an intuition.”

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