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First Monkeypox Case Detected in Kerala: Know The Precaution Measures

The first Monkeypox case was detected in a person in the Kollam district of Kerala. The man was confirmed positive for Monkeypox virus at the Airport of the state capital Thiruvananthapuram of Kerala. The 35- year old man landed in the state capital from UAE after a three-day business meeting.


The 35-yr old, after being detected with the symptoms, was admitted to the hospital and was isolated in different cabins. The family was also asked to be isolated. The man asked the hospital staff about the driver he hired from the Airport, the reception staff who first attended him at the entrance, and the near seat person who accompanied him on the flight from UAE to Thiruvananthapuram.

The man was asked to stay isolated for 21 days, as the incubation period for the monkeypox virus is 21 days.

The virus starts with a 4-day of fever initially, followed by rashes on the face and inside the palms. The fever and the rashes continue for 15- 18 days, where the rashes progress into pustules, vesicular lesions and scabs. It is advised to avoid human contact because the pustules may spread as it is a human-to-human disease. People may get the virus if they share clothing, bedding and skin contact. 


Currently, the whole of Kerala is advised to be under proper precaution. The use of mask, avoiding human contact, and traveling is strictly prohibited in an official notice by the health department of Kerala state. 

Based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines and the Union Health Ministry, the state has issued strict guidelines and norms. 

Precaution Measures for Monkeypox

It is advised to-

  • to avoid contact with wild animals and animals like rodents. 
  • Avoid meat consumption as bushmeat or non-veg may be a virus carrier. 
  • To avoid traveling and public gatherings.
  • To avoid skin contact and not to disturb the lesions injury if it happened in any part of the body. 
  • Seek the doctor’s advice if anyone faces any discomfort. It is advisable to meet a doctor and properly follow the medicines prescribed by the doctor.
  • During isolation also, it is advisable to avoid contact with family and have a proper medication routine with positive mental health and courage. 

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