Former AIADMK Minister Manikandan Accused of Raping a Tamil Actor

Manikandan minister
Manikandan minister

Popular Tamil actor Shantini Teva lodged a complaint against the former Tamil Nadu Manikandan minister. She mentioned that he was cheating on her even after having a relation for five years.

Manikandan was a former minister of AIADMK. He promised Shantini to marry her after Shantini got pregnant he left her. She even added that Manikandan threatened her to abort the baby and threatening her family.

Shantini added that their relationship was going fine but as soon as she got pregnant, Manikandan started ignoring the relationship. After the complaint was lodged, the Manikandan minister reportedly denied it and claimed that he never knew Shantini.

Initially, Shantini lodged a formal complaint on Friday against the minister with the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime against Women and Children in Chennai. Later on, she talked with the media and even released the complaint copy to support it.

Shantini’s complaint

Shantini mentioned in the complaint that she met the Manikandan minister in 2017. Back then, he was the Minister of Information Technology in Tamil Nadu. Furthermore, Manikandan even promised that he would marry her although he was married to another woman. She mentioned that she hardly knew that Manikandan would do such a thing to her.

Shantini even added that she and Manikandan were living together in a house in Besant Nagar, Chennai. Many pieces of evidence are there to support Shantini’s allegations. The actor even submitted photographs to the Chennai police of her and Manikandan to prove her relationship.

What Shantini mentioned?

In her complaint, Shantini mentioned that throughout their relationship, thrice she became pregnant. She even said that every time she conceived, Manikandan convinced her to get an abortion. Moreover, he assured that both of them could have the baby as soon as they get married.

While staying in the relationship, both of them traveled across the globe many times. He even misguided her claiming that he will invest in Shantini’s family in Malaysia. According to one of her statements, Manikandan threatened to kill her through contract killers.

The complainant mentioned that Manikandan ended their relationship in April 2021. Besides, he even forced her to leave the country as soon as possible and threatened Shantini to leak her nude clicks on the internet in case she fails to oblige. She added that she was worried about what if Manikandan opens up everything to her family. In her complaint, Shantini mentioned that Manikandan used to physically torture her too

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