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FOUR –Adolescent Coming-of-Age Films on OTT

FOUR brings to the screen today’s urbanizing Odisha without trivializing its language or spirit. AAO NXT is marketed as Odisha’s first independent OTT platform, and this is a production of the platform.

Definitely raunchy, FOUR adds a new genre to Odia cinema and, most significantly, storey play. We’ve recently viewed films in several OTTs that are a series of short stories in Hindi and other regional languages.

With creative screen play, camera technique, and elegant presentation, the spectator might find an other universe in current Odia OTT plot and people. The background score is the only thing worth noticing. The music has closely followed the mood, scenery, and happenings. I’ve always despised the rustic tropes in Odia films, as well as the directors’ insistence on presenting them to the public without regard for changing circumstances.

Is change a negative thing? Odisha, like everything else in the cosmos, is evolving, as are our landscapes, families, traditions, and habits. The problem is to keep the natural fiber while overlaying it with different colors. Is it true that neither you nor I are changing? Is it true that our families and communities aren’t changing? Why, however, do we continue to indulge in the hypocrisy of depicting ostensibly “rural Odia life” yet laced with tongue-in-cheek, comic, sexist ardor, soothing ourselves with the alibi of “audience preference”?

The Odia audience is yearning for great films that they can relate to and base their goals on. OTT is now widely available, and both the young and the elderly have the wonderful chance to immerse themselves in an infinite variety of films, documentaries, and serials.

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