Glamourous gold necklace designs for everyone

Jewellery started as just one more thing to be owned and now it has become a way to express yourself. The jewellery you adorn speaks a lot about you and tells a story. Jewellery changes course almost every decade and the newest designs are what we call modern designs. These designs are multi-faceted and can be worn daily to a formal event. This is especially true in the case of gold designs. You can get pure gold jewellery and yet have the design to make it look formal and appropriate for the workplace.

Let us look at some of the ongoing trends in gold jewellery.

  1. Chain with a pendant – The elegant and dainty option for people of all ages, is a chain with a pendant. A gold chain can be very thin or thick and broad, depending on your choice. The pendants can be changed whenever you feel like it. This not only gives jewellery flexibility but also allows space to modify it any time you wish to. This can be worn every day and looks good with all clothes.
  2. Linked chain – This type of necklace has links that make it look classy and is great for people who like to make a bold statement. Chunky squares or rectangles, floral designs or circles can be used to make this type of a necklace. These can be worn with formal clothes or paired with daily wear to create a beautiful look. These are also great for layering jewellery for the free-spirited.
  3. Chokers – Although chokers were famous in the past, their revival has led to change in the jewellery market. Golden chokers are great for pairing with boat neck or high neck clothing. These are also great for when you wish to wear multiple layers. Chokers ensure the design is properly visible and not lost in the colours and shades of the clothes you are wearing. They come in different sizes and designs and can be worn for different occasions depending on your preference.
  4. Vintage – There was a time when gold was believed to be at its best when it was shiny and sparkling. This has changed over the years and now vintage jewellery is one of the most sought after and expensive kinds of jewellery. Authentic vintage jewellery is more expensive as the designs are hand-made and there are very few pieces available. However, jewellers have started replicating the essence of vintage jewellery by using older designs and making the gold finish paler.
  5. Pearls, stones, and other metals – People have always thought of gold as a sound investment. Most times, gold is considered too shiny to be worn daily and often gets locked away till a more festive time. However, more people want to make use of their investment and flaunt what they have. Gold combined with pearls is a timeless classic and looks sophisticated. Gold necklaces embedded with colourful precious stones can range from bridal wear to daily wear. To make gold more adaptable, various designs have gold combined with other metals like white gold, silver, and rose gold to add pizzazz.

Modern gold necklace designs ensure you can enjoy your piece of jewellery every day and don’t need an occasion to show off your precious gold jewellery!

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