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Government council proposes that a single dosage of Covid-19 vaccination be approved for emergency usage

According to official sources, an expert panel of India’s federal pharma authority on Friday proposed awarding restricted emergency use authorization (EUA) to the single-dose Covid-19 vaccination Sputnik Light, subject to several regulatory limitations.

Sputnik Light is the same as Sputnik V component-1. According to an official source, in light of the recommendations made during an SEC meeting on January 31. Dr Reddy’s Laboratories presented its proposal for permission to import Sputnik Light for limited use in an emergency. Along with an analysis of the most recent safety and efficacy data, including its benefits against the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

In a preliminary investigation, Sputnik V had greater Omicron-antibody levels than Pfizer.

A modest early laboratory investigation found that persons vaccinated with Russia’s Sputnik V vaccination. He had lower levels of Omicron-neutralizing antibodies than those who received Pfizer injections.

The Scientists have developed the Sputnik V vaccine, conducted the preliminary research. According to the researchers, samples obtained three to six months after the second dose of a vaccine revealed. So that the recipients of two doses of Sputnik V were more resistant to Omicron than those inoculated with Pfizer.

It comprised 51 persons who had been immunized with Sputnik V and 17 who had received two injections of the Pfizer vaccine. The research, which will seek peer review certification, found Omicron-specific neutralizing antibodies in the blood serum of 74.2 percent of those vaccinated with Sputnik and 56.9 percent of those inoculated with Pfizer/BioNtech.

The Sputnik V vaccine’s inventor, found that a booster injection of Sputnik Light vaccine generated a greater antibody response against Omicron than the two-dose Sputnik V vaccination alone.

Omicron has caused COVID-19 case numbers in regions of Western Europe and the United States to reach all-time highs. However, the variety has just recently begun to spread in Russia. Where daily countrywide new infections increased to 38,850 on Tuesday.

What Dr. Reddy’s laboratories research says on Covid-19 vaccination?

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization’s (CDSCO) Subject Expert Committee (SEC) on Covid-19, noted that the safety and immunogenicity data presented by the firm from the Indian study. It is comparable with that of the ongoing phase-3 clinical trial interim data from Russia,” the source said.

The interim findings from Russia’s efficacy study showed a 65.4 percent effectiveness against Covid-19 21 days after immunization.

After careful consideration, the SEC proposed granting approval for a limited usage in an emergency circumstance, subject to certain regulatory requirements.

The suggestions have been forwarded to India’s Drugs Controller General (DCGI) for final approval.

“In reference to the use of the Sputnik Light vaccine as a booster dose, the applicant may supply clinical data. Including immunogenicity data in the Indian population, for further review,” according to the source. Following that, the company must provide the safety data in line with the regulations and established processes.

Sputnik Light was denied EUA by India’s medicines authority on July 1, last year.

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