How to do scripting for hytale mods and its tool?

Hytale is a role-playing and exciting video game produced by Minecraft developers. It was designed with the option of modding. Hytale download enables the game to feature custom model formation, custom sound formation, scripting, and a couple of tools to give their creators the option to support modding.


Hytale presents a brief and tentative unknown language for scripting. The creator writes that script in-game, and their result is seen right at the moment in real-time.

The game shows a trailer that exhibits a scene where a snippet of code and in-game editor of code can be seen. From the trailer, the in-game code editor presents syntax highlighting.

Players use this feature to mode Adventure mode and teleport the gamer to the beginning place. Javascript is a relatively used scripting language because it involves the usage of anonymous objects under curly brackets.


There are two tools used in the Hytale mod. Those are a model maker and customization menu provided in the game:

  • Model maker

Modelmaker is a potent tool. It is used for texturing, modeling, and animating the game in a 3D model. After creating the model, you can directly export it to Hytale on a real-time basis. For carrying out your scripting or modeling, or animating, you can also use UI and layout editors to be combined into a single tool.

  • Customization menu

Through this option, you can change every asset inside the game. It is a powerful interface where you can adjust each texture, weather color, and 3D models. It gives the creator a broader option to modify the game as they want.


The hytale minigames are developing to provide a direct option for modding on the server, previously hytale mods download would not have been possible, but the current situation shows it is possible.

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