How To Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number?


We are already aware that Whatsapp works on the principle of your mobile number. This means that you can’t use Whatsapp without owning a SIM card or some other telephonic device. But some people doesn’t want to reveal their identity on whatsapp which is why they are searching for this article. If you are one of them, you are at right place. Here, I am going to show you how can you use Whatsapp without phone number.

WhatsApp doesn’t require your mobile number even though it is based on your SIM card. Do you think if someone else uses the same phone as yours then they will be able to know what’s going inside? No, they won’t. Your Whatsapp account is linked to your phone number, not the brand or model of your phone. So it doesn’t matter if you are using any other phone as long as its IMEI Number matches with yours then you can use this app without showing your identity. Now I am going to show you how this IMEI trick works.

How to use Whatsapp without phone number ?

Suggestion : First make a new Gmail ID and configure it on your Android Phone ( It doesn’t matter if you are not using an android phone ) then follow the steps mentioned below.

1) Open Settings app on your phone. Then navigate to About Phone option (It is usually placed under the System option).

2) Now you need to find the IMEI Number of your device and write it down somewhere. You can also take a look at the IMEI number on the box of your phone or by dialing *#06# from your phone’s keypad.

3) Now, again navigate to the Settings app and this time open Accounts.

4) Then, try to add a new account by going into Add Account option.

5) In the next screen you will see an option of Email as well as a link which says ‘Use Gmail’. Just tap on ‘Use Gmail’ option and provide all required details to create your new account. Any ordinary Gmail account will work, you don’t need Google+ or any other social media platform.

6) After that, go back to the previous screen and click on ‘Add Account’. Now go into the Email option which you’ve just created.

7) Then, head over to your newly created email’s inbox and open the verification mail which you received from Whatsapp by clicking on Confirm Now option.

8) Now, simply click on the link provided in that email and verify your account. You have successfully created a whatsapp account using your Gmail ID without a phone number.

You can reinstall Whatsapp if you’ve uninstalled it too. Since this trick doesn’t require your phone number, you can use it on multiple devices by simply signing out and signing in again.

There are many techniques for using Whatsapp without phone number but the above one is simple yet workable. There are also chances of getting caught if someone tries to use the same technique again and again because this method requires a subscription link which gets automatically deleted after one login. So, I hope this trick will be helpful for you if you want to use Whatsapp without a phone number on your (or anyone’s) Android device.