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Humans Needs To Value Nature: UN Suggests

Humans need to value and support nature. The United Nations (UN) given statement is of much value. A bench of 82 leading scientists all across the globe has suggested to the UN; the responsibility and contribution of humans in conserving nature. The growing focus on industrialization, market benefits etc., has left nature behind to much extent. 


The rising environmental issues and health crises due to a polluted environment have left humans to think about nature and protect them. The rising demand for materialistic things above conserving nature has brought many disasters. The prime focus of humans has always been on the development basis in terms of technology, industries, factories settlement, which leads to massive sewage disposal etc. 

The continuous growth of market-based demand for industrial products and humans searching for an easy lifestyle has given rise to industrialization in terms of small, medium and large industries to provide every simple to complex machinery to make life easy and accessible. 

According to the latest release UN report, humans need to take strategized, efficient qualitative approach to save nature as well, which means valuing nature’s spiritual, cultural and emotional values. 

An authentic body prepared the report for the Dasgupta Review, which suggests how human work is leading to the destruction of nature and putting nature at risk. To achieve Sustainable development goals, humans must be strategically organized about their needs and the real need of the hour. 

Development should be two-sided: easing the human lifestyle and conserving nature. 

Why We Need To Conserve Nature

Nature should be conserved for its various benefits. Humans can never contribute back to nature in exchange for what it provides to humans. From a historical aspect, if we study nature, it has been a support system for life from our ancestors of primitive populations. We studied nature’s role during the time of the human when they were hunters and gatherers. Nature flora and fauna used to be the basic source that supported life.  

Nature supports the health of our respiratory system. The disturbances in the Oxygen cycle, Nitrogen Cycle can cause great harm to the environment, which may have side effects like less rainfall, drought in various geographical regions, famine conditions, global warming etc.  

Way Forward

So, the hour demands to redefine the definition of development and way of living. The 139- countries made the decisions all together to strategically work on the renovation of the environment. 

The programs like United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) wildlife protection act are small steps made y the government to conserve wildlife and the environment. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) supports and stands with the environment and fights against deforestation, excessive mining and huge industrial development and settlement. 

Today’s development must be strategic and sustainable, which should not harm the future. International bodies like The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), known as Earth Summit, Kyoto Protocoland Bali Conference, are powerful programs initiated worldwide to encourage and raise awareness of environmental issues. 


Hence, it is human being’s first and foremost duty to conserve nature because it is nature and the environment that will provide and increase our life expectancy and offer every possible resource nature has to offer humans.

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