Indian Government Banned PubG Mobile and 117 other apps

Government banned PubG
Government banned PubG

The government of India chose to ban PubG Mobile as well as 117 apps that have connections with China yesterday. The authority took the initiative under the Information Technology ACT Section 69A. The governing bodies further claimed that those banned apps were against the integrity and sovereignty of the nation. Moreover, those applications tend to leak vital data of the users. However, in response to this, legal experts have put forward several questions to the government. They are questioning in the manner the authority is utilizing its powers for banning popular applications. Prior to this, the government has already banned a total of 106 Chinese applications over the period of June to July. To have more insights into it, keep reading on. 

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This is the third time that the government banned a couple of applications. The authority decided to undertake the first of this series back in June, the second one took place at the end of July. However, the report suggests that in all cases, the government used the Information Technology Act Section 69A. It actually permits the power of blocking the public access of the available details on the web. However, the Founder and the Technology lawyer of Mishi Choudhary stated that the particular section was merely a temporary solution. 

Statement of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology 

According to MeitY, the government blocked these apps as it acquired the reports that those platforms are stealing user data. Apart from stealing, these applications are also transmitting the information to servers outside India. Furthermore, it announced the suggestion of the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre and the Ministry of Home Affairs to ban 118 apps. 


The government never mentioned the word China 

As per the sources, all the apps that the Indian government banned until now somehow have links with China. But, the fact is that it never mentioned the word “China’ in any of the announcements or statements. The Executive Director of IFF stated that the government did not provide any evidence where the audience can get any reliable information. He even mentioned that the way the government announces the bans through press releases does not involve any lawful procedures. 

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