Is 4GB RAM Enough For A Day-to-day Use Smartphone?

Smartphones, nowadays, need to perform a host of other tasks besides calling and receiving phone calls. Today, users can play games on it, stream videos and browse the internet. Further, social media usage through smartphones has also become the norm.

Premium-range handsets are also capable of other complex operations. However, a smartphone under 10000 must also possess enough processing power and memory to manage the above-mentioned activities with ease.

Most budget smartphones today sport a 4GB RAM, while costlier options ship with up to 12GB of RAM as well. Still, if you are about to opt for a 4GB RAM model, you should know some of its limitations.

RAM and its use in smartphones

RAM or Random Access Memory is the portion of the memory that a phone can use to launch and run various programmes, known as applications. Consequently, devices with 8GB of RAM can keep several applications operational at a time when compared to phones with 4GB of RAM.

A 4GB RAM mobile is still highly beneficial, in some instances. Here are a few categories of users who can still rely on devices with limited memory capacity.

  • Casual users – If an individual intends to use his/her handset for basic usage, such as calling, texting and social media, the same can be managed with limited memory. For such individuals, any device under Rs.10000 should be suitable.
  • Non-gaming users – 4GB RAM mobile phones are perfect for users who do not plan on playing games on their mobile devices. Also, those opting for such a phone should try to stop running multiple applications at once. Doing so can freeze the device.

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Top 4GB smartphones 2021

If you still want to restrict expenses and decide to buy a smartphone under 10000, here are a couple of the best 4GB RAM model options you can consider –

  • Realme Narzo 20A

This Realme option is equipped with modern specs, apt for casual to moderate usage. Besides 4GB of RAM, this device also boasts a 6.5-inch HD+ display. You must not, therefore, expect 1080p picture quality from such phones. Users can enjoy a triple camera setup on the back, along with 5000 mAh battery.

  • Motorola E7 Plus

The Motorola E7 Plus mirrors most of the features found on the Realme Narzo 20A model. However, a major difference is the dual rear camera setup instead of the three lenses on the Realme counterpart. Priced at around Rs.9500, this specific variant should fit right into your budget without any hassle.

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