Is Make In India Campaign have big impact on Chinese Smartphones

The government of India launched the Make in India campaign in September 2014. The main aim of this campaign was to transform the country into a global manufacturing hub and thereby strengthen the economy. This campaign has led to significant enhancement in the manufacturing and exports of the country. It has created a suitable environment for development, investment and making the infrastructure more efficient. After the Galwan valley clashes between India and China in 2020, the people of India have given a call for the boycott of Chinese products, including smartphones.

The significant results for the success of this campaign are already being noticed in the smartphone industry. Numerous Chinese smartphone manufacturers have shifted their base from China to India. All the realme latest phone models, Vivo phone models, and other smartphone models are currently manufactured in India. Thus, if you want to know more about how this has affected the Chinese smartphone industry, below, we will delve more into this topic.

Impact of Make in India Campaign on Chinese Smartphone Industry

  • A shift of Production From China To India

All the Chinese smartphone brands have shifted their manufacturing units from China to India. India was a major market for Chinese smartphones, and to remain in the market without losing their position, they have taken this step. Now all realme latest phone models, one plus latest phone models, etc., are manufactured and assembled in India. The Chinese smartphone brands have shifted their production unit to India, but smartphone giants like Samsung and Apple have opened a manufacturing unit in India.

  • Economic Boost For India

As all the major companies have shifted their production unit to India, it is expected to lead to an increase in revenue worth $153 billion. Not only this, but also it will create one million employees in the country directly or indirectly. This has caused the Chinese smartphone industry to incur a heavy loss in terms of employment and revenue.

  • Decrease in Demand For Chinese Smartphones in India

One of the drastic impacts of the make in India campaign for the Chinese smartphone industry was the decrease in demand for Chinese smartphones. For the first time, it has happened that the share of Chinese smartphones in India has decreased significantly to 27%. Taking this great opportunity, Samsung has captured the top spot in the smartphone market in India.

  • Increase in Demand For Local Brands

Micromax, which was once the king of the smartphone market in India, was overthrown from its seat after the entry of the Chinese smartphones into the Indian market. However, after the success of this Make-in-India campaign, Micromax has again enhanced its presence in the market. In 2020, it started the production of its smartphones equipped with amazing features like 5000 mAh battery mobile phone model, triple camera setup, large display, etc.

  • India becoming the global supply hub

With the launch of the Make in India campaign, we now have at our disposal various Indian brands, thereby enhancing the supply chain in the country. This will make India one of the leading global supply hubs, thereby directly impacting Chinese products. One such example is the huge demand for realme latest phone, a product of the Make in India initiative. Ever since the launch of the realme brand, the demand for Chinese smartphones has reduced considerably. One of the main reasons behind this change is the affordable pricing range and greater specifications that realme offers.

  • China losing its smartphone-related products market also

The Make in India initiative has also impacted the Chinese smartphone accessories market. There now exists a plethora of local products that feature greater capability than Chinese products.

The realme latest phone is one of the classic examples of the Make in India initiative that has successfully garnered a huge fan base ever since its inception. The Make in India initiative has greatly impacted the Chinese smartphone. 

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