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Is The Israeli Government Collapsing Again?

The 8 parties coalition government of Israel has announced dissolve of parliament for the fifth time in three years. The current Israel government is a mix of 8 coalition parties that superseded the Netanyahu government by a razor-sharp majority. 


Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and his 8 coalition partners formed the government in June 2021, ending the two-year-long political deadlock of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12 years record of power as Prime Minister of Israel.

The main motive of the coalition was to ultimately crack the Netanyahu government. After forming the coalition government weeks later, PM struggled to maintain pace with every party’s members. The imbalance and unrecognition led defection of a handful of ministers.

Later, this Monday’s decision came out as the present Israel government’s dissolution and new elections were held.

The new election now gives a green flag to the Netanyahu government, which had successfully led the Israel government. For 12 years long.

In April, the parliament witnessed the loss of the majority in the Bennet govt. The coalition appeared to lose its majority when Bennet’s right-wing Yamina party signed its departure.

In recent weeks, another trickle of defections and rebellions happened that left Bennett’s coalition unable to pass any legislation or executive bills when questions were raised on Bennet’s government to how long it could survive, which left the members to see a lost majority and failed government. 

What Next?

However, the country may undergo new general elections, within 90 days of the parliament’s dissolution, with a possible date of October 25 that has already been put forward.

The new vote could show a green flag for the Netanyahu’s power. Netanyahu has said he will return to the office. “I think the winds have changed. I feel it,” he declared.

Way Forward

As per the silent forecast, it is predicted that Netanyahu may emerge again as the largest single party. But Netanyahu’s government is still a step away from the confirmation. The wind favors the Netanyahu government, which has always stood against corruption and is believed to be capable of being a Prime Minister. 

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