Local administration left the promise of building the hanging bridge unfulfilled in Odisha’s Taperikia

Local administration did not keep the promise of building hanging bridge in Taperikia
Local administration did not keep the promise of building hanging bridge in Taperikia

The locals of the village namely Taperikia at Kandhamal district in Odisha have accused that the authorities are not keeping the campaign promises. According to them, the political leaders assured them of the building hanging over the river for the ease of movement. However, after that, several years have passed, but the villagers have not yet noticed their effort to bring the initiative in action. After repeated pleas and requests when the villagers understood that government is not going to help them, they take on the task in their hand. To know more about the news piece, make sure to read ahead.

Initiative taken by the villagers

In order to build the hanging bridge, many of the villagers contributed the amount on their own. It has been 3 years that they had constructed a momentary hanging bridge. In fact, the bridge links a total of four villages. The local people alleged that they have requested the administration to build a permanent bridge. However, after coming into power, they are not ready to help the villagers.  

Accounts of the villagers

Without the bridge, each of the dwellers used to face several issues. It was difficult for students to reach school. Moreover, carrying patients to the hospitals and clinics was problematic as well. In addition, a woman even claimed that a lot of villagers have lost their lives while passing through the river during heavy rainfall.

Despite all such sufferings, the local authority never came to their assistance. The villagers mentioned that every year before elections the administration make several promises. However, they never execute any of them after the election. The dwellers of Taperikia village alleged that the politicians have not yet responded to their demand of building a permanent hanging bridge over the river. To get more news on Odisha, stay tuned.


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