Man Purchases Dream Scooter, Utilizes a Special Method of Installment

Hafizur Akhand, the man from Barpeta in Assam, reached the showroom with sack full of coins.
Man Buys Dream Scooter, Uses A Unique Mode Of Payment
Hafizur Akhand, the man from Barpeta in Assam, reached the showroom with a sack full of coins.

Hafizur Akhand, who brought the bike, said in the video that he had been saving the coins for a year. The coins were utilized as an initial installment.

A man in Assam utilized did an uncommon demonstration, which procured him acclaim from clients on the web. The vegetable seller utilized a sack brimming with coins he saved to purchase a bike. His endearing story was posted by youtube Hirak J Das on his channel a couple of days prior.

The video was valued by numerous clients across online media who praised the endeavors of Hafizur Akhand from Barpeta.

I needed to purchase a bike, yet the expense was too large, and it expected me to save throughout an extensive stretch of time ”, he was cited as saying by news office ANI.

”I began saving coins for close to 12 months and moved toward a bike organization advancement occasion and enlightened them regarding my investment funds in coins. They then, at that point, took the coins to their display area to forget about and the sum went to be Rs 22,000”, said the vegetable vendor.

In the YouTube video shared by Das, three men are seen entering a bike display area conveying a weighty sack. It further shows that the sack contains a great deal of coins which are being purged into little crates.

A couple of workers in the display area are subsequently seen counting the coins.

”It took us a few hours to count the sack brimming with coins. We acknowledged the installment for the bike in coins and the remainder of the sum was paid through financing.” a senior individual from the staff told ANI.


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