Modifications in CDC’s COVID-19 test guidelines

New COVID-19 testing guidelines
New COVID-19 testing guidelines

The whole world is combating against the lethal COVID-19 virus. With each passing days, the experts are finding new ways to reduce the severity of the disease. Meanwhile, the latest reports suggest that a change has been made in the testing guidelines of COVID-19. As per the sources, individuals with no severe symptoms of the virus do not need to undergo the COVID0-19 test even if he/she comes in contact with the affected victims. Well, the CDC dept of the US has stated it in its official site. Read ahead t have more insights into the news piece.

Early testing guidelines

Previously, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dept recommended everybody to undergo COVID-19 test once coming in contact with positive patients. Even if they do not hold any symptom, the test was mandatory to do. CDC in its official website mentioned that the test is necessary because the asymptomatic people are likely to transmit the disease to others.

The modified statement from the part of the CDC

Now, the CDC department has made some changes in the statement and made a new declaration in the website. Those who have stood within 6-feet of a COVID-19 positive patient but have no symptoms don’t need a test.  However, if that individual is in a vulnerable condition or a health practitioner, then having the COVID-19 test is necessary. Earlier, most of the people were undergoing the COVID-19 test. But the modified guidelines prohibited it. Those who don’t have COVID-19 symptoms and haven’t come in contact with an infection don’t require a test.

Further details on the news

CDC additionally mentioned that people who undergo the test should isolate themselves until receiving the reports. Moreover, they also need to follow and maintain the suggestions of the health care providers throughout the timespan. The new update even mentioned that victims sometimes are unaware to feel any symptoms. As a result, they keep on spreading infectious disease secretly. As per the CDC’s estimation, around 40 per cent of the positive patients are asymptomatic. And, about 50% of the transmission happens prior to the occurrence of the symptoms. However, the reason behind taking such a step by CDC is still not clear.

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