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New Amazon Halo Fitness Band can assess your emotion

Amazon launched new Halo Fitness Band
Amazon launched new Halo Fitness Band

Yesterday, Amazon exposed an exclusive wristband that not only just tracks your daily activities. It goes beyond that! The sources suggest that the new wristband from Amazon is able to analyze the mood and happiness of an individual through their voice notes. Isn’t it a great initiative from the part of the tech giant? In addition, the reports indicate that the device possesses a sensor-packed wristband along with AI tools. With it, the wearers could receive feedback concerning both their mental and physical health. Do you want to have more insights into the latest device? Then, keep on reading!

Accounts of the principal medical officer of Amazon Halo

The tech giant’s principal medical officer Dr Maulik Majumdar stated that despite the emergence of the digital health services, there is no such improvement in human health. He further stated the team of Amazon Halo is availing of machine learning and artificial intelligence to implement in the devices.  They aim at providing the users a new method to adopt, discover, and maintain customized wellness habits.

Price of the newly launched Amazon Halo wristband

According to the sources, Amazon Halo wristband comes with the price tag of $65. In Indian currency, it comes somewhere around Rs. 5,790. Within this price, the users can acquire the facility of accessing the AI-powered analytics for six months. Moreover, the company stated after the expiry of the early access period, the consumers need to spend 7,350 INR to get the device. Besides, for attaining the membership to access the AI-powered analytics, the wearers have to spend the additional amount of 295 INR.

Features of the wristband

Speaking of the features, Amazon Halo wristband is able to distinguish the intensity of different activities. For instance, the mentioned wristband can distinguish between the activities of walking and running. The company has even specified that the band can evaluate the body fat of the wearers as well.

Moreover, the band comes with an in-built microphone that detects the energy level and positivity of an individual through the wearer’s voice. It can tell whether the wearer is happy, sad, excited or tired.  However, the users can turn off the microphone by their choice.

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