As the number of covid cases is increasing in the country, Director of Public Health Niranjan Mishra gave a brief description of the situation in Odisha. He said the overall situation is not at all critical and there is no need to panic.

Mishra said, “People having cold, cough and fever should isolate themselves and go for testing as precautionary measures to contain the disease. As of now, 25 out of 10,000 people going for test are found Covid positive. Positivity rate stands at 0.05 per cent.  The state will witness ups and downs in Covid cases as Covid transmission is still happening. Cluster outbreak is going to happen. As maximum people have got vaccinated, the virus would not be able to make its presence felt in large number.”

District Collectors have been asked to conduct a door-to-door survey which will start from June 21 and continue till September. Top health officials advised people not to panic as single-day Covid cases have touched double digits over the last few days in Odisha. According to fresh guidelines released by the department, people with Covid symptoms are advised to go for immediate testing.

By Pritish Samantaray

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