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Odisha witnessed death again due to COVID-19

COVID-19 deaths in Odisha
COVID-19 deaths in Odisha

COVID-19 has taken the life of many people across the country, especially in Odisha. The state has counted the death of many innocent lives. With each passing day, the COVID-19 positive cases are rising at a larger rate. The state government has taken several steps including the strict lockdown campaign. However, nothing could normalize the situation. Again Odisha witnessed two terrible deaths due to the other health conditions on Wednesday. However, both the patients tested positive for novel Coronavirus. According to the source, both the people were old. The deaths raised the toll of Odisha to 77. To know more, make sure to read ahead.

Reports on the death

According to the health departments, the man from the Ganjam district who died on Wednesday was 65 years old. He was suffering from diabetes previously, but the sources said that his death occurred because of the deadly Coronavirus.

The other man who died on the same day was a dweller of Bhubaneswar. The doctors diagnosed chronic hypertension in him. However, the reason for the death of this 72 years old man is COVID-19. In the last 24 hours, these two deaths have frightened the entire residents of the state. Now, the death numbers in Odisha has increased to 77. The worst part is among them 46 victims belonged to the Ganjam district alone.

Novel Coronavirus has so far taken the lives of 13 people in Khurda. On the other side, Cuttack counted the death of 8 people. 2 from Puri and each from Bhadrak, Gajapati, Angul, Jaipur, Raygada, Barghah, and Sundargarh district died due to the COVID-19.

What are the identified reports of the death reason for those two men?

The two deaths that Odisha saw yesterday might have tested positive for COVID-19. But their death reports are saying something else. The 72-year old man died because of a traumatic brain injury. Besides, the one from Khurda, the 52-year old man passed away for coronary artery disease. It seems like the virus is not the only reason for their death. The government is asking the Odisha people to take enough safety measures while going out. Moreover, everyone has to focus on their immunity power.

Fresh COVID-19 cases in the state

Apart from the two deaths, the state has seen 618 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours. All the cases lead the total number of cases to 14898. The whole state is now looking forward to the arrival of the vaccine. To get more such news, keep visiting our site.

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