Odisha Assembly passed much-important Epidemic Bill

Odisha Assembly has passed the epidemic bill
Odisha Assembly has passed the epidemic bill

Odisha administration had passed a new Epidemic Bill on Wednesday. The government came up with the bill even after having massive protest rage from the opposition parties. Members from BJP and Congress were against the penal provisions of imprisonment for almost two years. After that, Narasingh Mishra said that the government had passed many bills earlier. Above all, those Bills did not work due to the various flaws.  The reason behind this is the intrinsic flaws in the latest legislation.

Opposition party leaders believe that the government is reluctant to fight the epidemic. Therefore, it is clear from the lax administration as well as improper coordination in various departments. In addition, Narasingh Mishra also threw light on the importance of changing the previous Act. Moreover, it is also important to bring two new ordinances as well.

The reason behind the Bill pass

In addition, Naba Kishore Das, the health minister mentioned that COVID-19 took a toll on public health. Therefore, creating a global health crisis. Odisha’s government has come up with a plethora of measures to prevent the epidemic from getting even worse. He has even framed new regulations for COVID-19 for this year. Keeping in mind The Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897, the administration made the regulation.

Above all, it is necessary to work on the penalty amount as per the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897. The administration made the guideline keeping in mind the penalty. According to Bill, spitting in public, violating social distancing, and not wearing masks is against the rule. The Bill will bring a disciplined sense to the public. In addition, it will become much easier to handle the pandemic situation.

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