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Odisha Counts 245 New Covid Positive Cases Today

Odisha counted 245 new Covid 19 positive cases early this morning, less than the number 346 listed on Sunday. 


The Odisha State health department released Covid appropriate guidelines for the people of the State. The health department urges people to maintain Covid guidelines by regularly using masks, maintaining social distancing, and frequently using hand sanitizers.

Further, it urges to avoid the crowd in public transport and avoid attending public gatherings like receptions, rallies, functions, get-togethers, meets, etc.

The State saw a sudden rise in Covid cases last week, and Odisha now has 1320 active cases over the State. There is a continuous rise in the cases for which the health department urges people to follow Covid guidelines.

After the second wave of the Covid 19 Pandemic, the State has witnessed a reduced number of active cases and death rates simultaneously. But from a week before it was detected, 12,897 positive samples comprised 49 children. 

The highly affected active cases are detected in the district of Khurda, where the state capital Bhubaneswar is situated. It is advised by the BMC to be aware of the rising cases and take proper steps against the spread. 

After studying the rising cases in the State, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) have advised the locals to maintain social distancing and avoid public gatherings to avoid the infection spread. 

Recent Accomplishment

However, for the great Car festival otherwise called as Rath Yatra of the State on June 1, the health department did not allow the pilgrimage to visit Puri to avoid immense public gatherings, which may lead to a rise in cases. The festival was on-aired on television with proper guidance, police protection, and administrative law and order. The devotees could feel the essence of being the part though far away from the holy land.  

Way Forward

The State has opened 26 Covid 19 centers at Bhubaneswar, to facilitate the residents to test themselves if any show any signs or symptoms.

Therefore, with the rise in Covid cases, we can contribute to taking proper measures to avoid infection by following Covid guidelines and self-awareness. 

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