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Odisha Govt. to Home Deliver Money to the Elderly

Odisha government takes a new COVID-19 measure
Odisha government takes a new COVID-19 measure

The Odisha Govt. has been quite active during the COVID-19 situation. It has done several things to ensure a quality lifestyle for the state’s residents. Recently, the officials have made yet another announcement regarding the elderly people of Odisha.

They have urged the postal and banking services to provide the essentials to older residents at their homes. Nevertheless, the same rule is going to be applicable for the differently-abled people as well.

But why has Odisha Govt. suddenly implemented this rule? Let’s know about it in detail. You can find everything regarding it down below!

The Reason Behind This Move

According to the Odisha government, the move will not serve any political purposes at all. Instead, they have done so to protect the elderly people from the grasp of the Coronavirus pandemic. Previously, the officials had advised everyone to stay at home and be careful about almost everything. However, many people, instead of understanding the necessity of the urge, had opposed it. Hence, to put their questions at rest, the Odisha government has taken such a step.

How Would the Money Be Delivered?

Well, everything will happen just like it used to before. As per the rule, the members of the postal services will be able to move from their organization. Then, they can use any form of transportation to reach the home of the receiver and provide them with everything.

However, there is a hitch. The officials will only be active during their working hours. Hence, if you were to call them after the time period, then they probably would not pick it up. Also, for the time being, the bigger organizations can work with 50% of their manpower.

On the other hand, the smaller agencies that have around five employees can work with their complete strength. Thus, make sure to keep this in mind while you are at it.

The Overall Duration of the Rule

As of now, the government of Odisha has not really talked about anything in this aspect. However, we can expect that the rule will be prominent until the end of the Coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, we still cannot say anything for sure.

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