Odisha has encountered several deaths of innocent elephants

Till the middle of September, Odisha lost about 17 elephants. In fact, as per the latest updates, three innocent elephants succumbed to death. Further news suggests that one among the three died due to a bullet shot in Cuttack’s Dalijoda reserve forest. Another elephant had lost its life because of electrocution in the district of Dhenkanal. The people of the district discovered the dead body of the animal in Balangir. Moreover, in the third week of the last month, the people of Sundargarh district found the carcasses of two elephants in Sagada Bhanga forest and Koida range. However, the reasons behind the deaths of those innocents are yet to know.

The conditions of elephants in Odisha

However, the death news of the jumbos is not limited here. Odisha witnessed several deaths of the animal since April owing to electrocution, poaching, or other misfortunes. Odisha observes the 66th Wildlife week from last Friday. However, all these incidents have made several frowns regarding the protection measurements of the animals within the state. Odisha needs to undertake more protective measures to strengthen its wildlife. According to the sources from Environment department and Wildlife Wing, the state encountered the death of a total of 17 elephants till mid-September. However, the number could increase to at least of 20 since not all the death reports have been taken into account.

The reason behind the killings

As the reason behind these mishaps, the officials blamed the developing human-elephant conflict, insufficient community involvement, and carelessness in the duties of the wildlife workers. According to reports, the electrocution of a tusker happened because of a wire trap. Further, it came to the news that a farmer near the village of Patharakhamba laid it. The officials arrested a person who has allegedly connection with this incident. However, later, the personnel released him for COVID treatment. The PCCF, HS Upadhayay stated that the state will take more measures to prevent the poaching.


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