Odisha Livelihoods Mission is undertaken by Sammunati Foundation and The Goat Trust

LPP project to improve the rural economy in Odisha
LPP project to improve the rural economy in Odisha

Under the sponsorship of the Department of both the Drinking Water and the Panchayati Raj, the government of Odisha contracted a non-financial MoUs or Memorandum. The state government signed this initiative in association with two Technical Support Agencies of the national standing. One is The Goat Trust and the other one is the Samunnati Foundation. The partnership venture is given the name of “Livelihoods Promotion through Partnership” or LPP.

The sole objective of the project is to deliver technical as well as capacity-building assistance to the Self-Help Groups (SHGs). Apart from it, Goat Rearing Clusters, Farmers, Producers’ Companies, Producers’ Groups, Farmers Producers Organization, etc. can also acquire the aid. The authority will provide help to the mentioned associations under the dominion of Mission Shakti and OLM.

Type of assistance that LPP will provide

The Goat Trust will provide a wide array of assistance to the Goat Rearing Clusters. To name a few, it will help in enhancing the environment of the existing goat-based livelihood. Moreover, it will also focus on developing a strong goat-value chain within the state.

On the other hand, the Samunnati Foundation will assist the ORMAS and OLM in developing a financial connection to FPOs. They will do it through funding and the founding of value chain bionetwork to affirm sustainability and propagation of ideal practices.

Further details on the partnership project

The authorizing body formalized the partnership via a virtual mode by signing an MoU. Regardless to mention, Shri Deoranjan Kumar Singh, Panchayati Raj, IAS, Principal Secretary and Drinking Water Department have sponsored for the partnership project. Shri Rajesh Prabhakar Patil, SMD-Cum-CEO, IAS, Odisha Livelihoods Mission led the whole ceremony. In addition, the officials from World Bank, OLM, ORMAS, Samunnati Foundation and The Goat Trust were also present in the event. For more such news, keep visiting our website daily.



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