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Petrol and Diesel Price in Bhubaneswar today

The price of petrol and Diesel always fluctuation. The price rise and fall of petrol and Diesel depends on various factors. 


In-State the capital Bhubaneswar, petrol and diesel prices have been recorded at Rs 103.47 and Rs 95.03 respectively. The price rose 42 paise from the previous day which was recorded petrol of Rs 103.05 per litre, while the price of Diesel was Rs 94.62 per litre. The plateau of Malkangiri recorded a huge rise in petrol price of Rs 109.20 per litre, while the cost of Diesel was Rs 100.56 per litre. The silver city Cuttack recorded 103.56 and Rs 95.12, respectively.

However, the capital city New Delhi has recorded Rs 96.72 and Rs 86.62, respectively, while Rs 102.74 in Chennai and Rs 106.03 in Kolkata were recorded.

Factors Affecting Petrol Prices

The price of crude oil depends on the demand and supply of the unrefined oil with international policies attached to it. The dealers’ commission, the excise duty tax, the sales & value-added tax(VAT) and service tax, the tax imposed by the central government etc., affect the price of petrol and Diesel regularly. 

The price in the market also depends on the reserves a particular filling station has, the demand of the market and supply of the petrol and Diesel.


Hence, we should use natural resources by conserving some for the future. The UN has come up with the 17 Sustainable development goals which need to be achieved by 2030 that say about conserving Petrol and diesel and using them efficiently so that our future generation may not fall behind.

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