Picnic spots in Sundargarh converted into death traps

Picnic spots turned into death spots in Sundargarh
Picnic spots turned into death spots in Sundargarh

The people of Sundargarh district is now going through a death threat. According to the sources, several picnic spots within the district have become a nightmare for the visitors. Reportedly, it has converted into death traps. The picnic spots have turned out to be more dangerous for the youth of the district. The administration of the Sundargarh district has been overlooking the constant mishaps and death cases that are taking place in the picnic locations.

The constant death case taking place within the district

According to the updates, on last Sunday, two schoolboys went for a tour to Birtola.   Which is under the control of Chandiposh police. Both of them reportedly died drowning in the river of Brahmani. Apart from this, Sundargarh witnessed another drowning incident on the 20th of September. Two boys from Steel City died due to sinking at the Badalgiri waterfall. It was under the control of the Gurundia police.

Accounts of the Sub-Collector in Bonai

The Sub-Collector in Bonai, Mr Pradip Dang stated that the authority has barricaded the enclosing area of Badalgiri waterfall. Moreover, the police personnel of the district have restricted entry of the local people to that very spot. However, the locals do not pay any heed to them. They keep visiting the spot even after hearing the death news.

Reports on the news piece from different sources

As per different sources, a few years back a picnic location close to the Tarkera pump was noted to be a restrict zone. It is because the place witnessed three drowning incidents in the Brahmani river. Moreover, 14 years ago, a total of 5 engineering students sank at Bluestone.

Nevertheless, the unofficial picnic location near the Teterkela bridge keeps on taking the lives of the innocents. Keeping it in view, the Zilla Parishad president of Sundargarh district Emma Ekka stated the administration must take actions to prevent these fatal consequences.


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