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Political crisis faced by Rajasthan government

Rajasthan political crisis
Rajasthan Political crisis

The Rajasthan political crisis is currently the biggest talk of the nation. The congress government (Ashok Gehlot-led) in Rajasthan has decided to take on a confidence motion. The movement is to take place in the Rajasthan Assembly at the beginning of the session on Friday. That is what the leader of the party stated. The meeting took place cordially where the attendants discussed the confidence motion. The MLAs present there pledged to work unitedly, following the leadership of Ashok Gehlot. However, just a few hours ago, the opposition party BJP revealed to move a no-confidence motion. Read ahead to know more. Let’s check out the top issues that have led to the crisis that the state’s political scene is dealing with

 Influence of different parties in the Rajasthan Assembly

Gradually, the opposition party are acquiring more strength in the Rajasthan Assembly. It has a total sear number of 200. Among them, Congress holds 107 seats whereas the BJP party owns 75. The number is increasing slowly, which results in a conflict within the assembly.

The threat of BSP

Secondly, again the Bahujan Samaj Party filed a whip to the six MLAs through the party’s national general secretary Mr Satish Chandra Mistra. Those six MLAs merged with the Congress Party last year. However, the VSP is now directing them to put their votes to the oppositions of the ruling party in the state.

Withdrawal of the suspension of two Congress MLAs

Another conflictual incident took place in Rajasthan, increasing the crisis in its political settings. That incident is centred around the revoke of the suspension of the Congress MLAs. Back on the 17th of July, Congress suspended Vishwendra Singh and Bhanwarlal Sharma. Both the MLAs received the allegations of being involved in a conspiracy to upset the Ashok Gehlot-led government. However, yesterday Congress withdrew the suspension before the CLP meeting took place at the residence of the chief minister.

Oppositions’ ill comments against the current ruling party in the state

Lastly, the leader of the opposition party Mr Gulab Chand Kataria stated that Congress fails to fulfil their duties and responsibilities. He further disclosed their plan of rolling out a no-confidence motion where they would question Congress about their negligent attitude.

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